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Kiwanis Club Events Are Special

Club Events are non-repeating events that the club hosts, are affiliated with, or sponsored by the Sierra Madre Kiwanis. One of the Sierra Madre Kiwanis goals is to enhance the community through bring about events that promote the ideals of the Kiwanis and the community they serve.

The club events are close to the hearts of our club's membership. There is a lot of planning, organizing and working the events. If you have attended any of our sponsored events let us know how we are doing. Your support and contributions to our club means we can do more for our community's children.

The revenue raised is used to support our children's projects and other community events. One of the closes to our hearts is working with Creative Arts Group and their Imagine Art Program.

The Creative Arts Group offers art classes for Sierra Madre Elementary students. The children create projects and are exposed to the many forms of art in the facility.

The Sierra Madre Kiwanis and The Creative Arts Group work together to make the community of Sierra Madre a better place to live and play. Please join us in helping make our projects possible by becoming a member, donate your resources or by attending the many of our community projects.