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Serve with a smile District 35 CalNevHa Newsletter


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For all the latest Kiwanis  information about our District happenings, previous newsletters, and a listing of Kiwanis Clubs in our District 35 can be found at the site.

You can find what other clubs in our District 35 are doing and how they are getting it done.

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Our Division 35 Theme this year is “GEMS”:

G is for “Growth”, increase our clubs’ membership by at least 10% and bring our smaller clubs up to the 15 member minimum.

E is for “Encourage”, support our Sponsored Youth Programs while building leaders for tomorrow’s Kiwanis Clubs.

M is for “Member”, bring new members and current members together to build a strong relationship within our communities.

S is for “Service”, apply whenever possible the Kiwanis slogan “Serving The Children Of The World One Child At A Time”.  This can be accomplished through our Sponsored Leader Programs and within our Communities.  Let’s be CNH “Superheroes of Service”.

 I look forward to serving as Division 35 Lt. Governor for 2013-2014 and making GEMS of us all.