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Sierra Madre Kiwanis Memoriam is dedicated to our members who are with us in spirit and mind.

Sierra Madre Kiwanis memoriam is a dedicated to those members that have set the bar for the club. Over the years all our members have contributed in a multitude of ways to improve the Sierra Madre community.

Our history is deeply ingrained into the fabric of Sierra Madre culture. We have always risen to the needs of the community. As we continue to strive for the betterment of Sierra Madre we must remember those who have come before us. Learn more about our history.

In 2017 we have had the passing of few Sierra Madre Kiwanis members. The contributions of our members have immense impact on our community. Their deeds live on in the lives of our community’s children.

No other club or organization has contributed to the well-being of children in our communities and the world then the Kiwanis. Our members are proud to serve the basic tenet of the Kiwanis Serving The Children Of The World.

As we continue our journey into the future the Sierra Madre Kiwanis Club will continue to support our community and our children. We will remember our members and celebrate their contributions to our club and the community.

Sierra Madre Kiwanis Memoriam

We are seeking information on past Sierra Madre Kiwanis members that are no longer with us. Please contact us at [email protected] to help us give an expanded history of our club and it’s members.

Jan Reed Sierra Madre Kiwanis Memoriam

Jan Reed

Gordon Caldwell Sierra Madre Kiwanis Memoriam

Gordon Caldwell

George Enyedi Memoriam

George Enyedi