Sierra Madre Kiwanis Old Timers Day 2015 is very special to our members. We have supported each other through the tough times and celebrate each other success.

In celebrating Sierra Madre Kiwanis Old Timers Day we honor Peter Lippincott this year for his contributions to the Sierra Madre Kiwanis and Kiwanis International. Peter Lippincott has been designated as the 2015 Distinguished Service Award recipient for our club. Peter is leaving the beautiful City of Sierra Madre and we will miss him dearly.

Below are photos by Mary Lou Caldwell from Sierra Madre  Kiwanis Old Timers Day 2015.


Sierra Madre Kiwanis Peter Lippincott and Dottie Burnett. Peter’s retiring and moving to Tennessee. He’s been a member for over 40 years. 

Sierra Madre Kiwanis President Susan Henderson is always cooking something up. Work us, feed us and it is always something good for Sierra Madre Kiwanis.

Sierra Madre Kiwanis Jan Reed. Jan Reed is the first Female Member of Sierra Madre Kiwanis in 1984. That’s when International allowed female members. 

Sierra Madre Kiwanis Gordon Caldwell and Julie

Sierra Madre Kiwanis Judy Webb-Martin and Jacki Raymond.

 Sierra Madre Kiwanis Vern and Paul visiting Kiwanis Members from Division 35. 

Sierra Madre Kiwanis our Amanda Burnett helping us out.