Sierra Madre Kiwanis Barely Survives Halloween

The Sierra Madre Kiwanis Band Together To Survive Halloween.

Thanks to one member, the Sierra Madre Kiwanis barely survives Halloween. Our member, whom is no longer with us, tried to protect the lodge from a vast number of goblins, witches, warlocks and other assorted demons of the night. Memorial services where held on November 1 aka The Day of the Dead. He give his existence so other Kiwanians could live on doing great and wonderful events for our community’s children.

halloween scarecrow

Sierra Madre Kiwanis Sponsors Halloween Events in Town

Look for Kiwanis all over town…

halloween gaint head

Halloween Gaint Head

Sierra Madre Kiwanis Scarecrow Entry In Progress

Trying to escape with two new legs

Trying to escape with two new legs

Scare Crow capturing technique

Scarecrow capturing technique